Apple + Yee San

Couple: Apple & Yee San
Photographer: David


On the radiant morning of Apple & Yee San wedding day, the air was filled with an undeniable sense of joy and anticipation. The couple, adorned in elegant traditional attire, gathered their closest family and friends and their lovely pet for a heartwarming moment of covering up the veil. Surrounded by loved ones, the veil was gently placed over the bride’s head by her mother, embodying a symbolic gesture of care and support as she embarked on this new chapter. Laughter and smiles punctuated the air, creating an atmosphere of love and warmth that would set the tone for the rest of this magical day of celebration and union.

Studio 71 Wedding Photography

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Couple: Apple & Yee San
Photographer: David

Thank you Apple & Yee San for the honor of sharing in your special day. May your union be filled with love, joy, and everlasting happiness as you embark on this beautiful journey together.

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