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What we do?

✯ Wedding Actual Day Photography
✯ Pre-Wedding Photography
✯ Europe Pre Wedding
✯ Destination Wedding
✯ Corporate Photography Service
✯ Product and Model Photography
✯ Event and Exhibition Photography
✯ R.O.M / Engagement
✯ Gown / Coat / Evening Dress Rental
✯ Make Up Artist
✯ Studio Portraits

You have a Question?

1) What do I need to do to confirm the date/package?
Ask us if the date you are looking for is it still available. Your preferred date will only be blocked and confirmed upon receiving 50% deposit from the total package price. Confirmation is based on the received of deposit payment and not based on enquiry date.

2) Can we only have one photographer instead of two on the wedding day package?
Yes. But we would like to suggest two together (or more) to provide you the best possible images from your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day. We would prefer customer to have two (or more) photographers for wider coverage if is a large wedding with more than 500 paxes, or, a outstation wedding.

3) What is the difference between Director package?
Director package will be in-charged by David Low the Chief Photographer of our company. With his 16 years experience in wedding photography for both local and in oversea, his camera & technical expertise, various photographic techniques, educational, skill set, will be at different level. Director-level photographer may also have a broader skill set, including leadership, manage creative direction, and strategic planning abilities. Hence, the price for his package will be charge higher.

4) Other Photographer package?
They are our photographer colleagues and all are well trained by the company with at least 3 to 5 years experience shooting for weddings, rom, event and studio works. With fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and the opportunity to support and nurture emerging talent within the industry. Experience the world through the lens of a young photographer, capturing moments with their passion and creativity.

5) Is there an option to sign up for the package without the slideshow montage?
We offer this as a complimentary to all of our full-day wedding package customer. In order to have the montage done on the same day, we will require a minimum of 4-5 hours (continuously) to have it prepared. If time is insufficient, the montage will be provided to you upon collection of final artwork.

6) If my wedding exceeds 10hours as stated from the quotation, will there be any additional cost incurred?
Yes, an additional overtime (OT) surcharge is applicable should you exceed the coverage hours as quoted in our quotation, which will be RM500 for every subsequent 30 minutes.

7) For overseas/outstation assignment, what other fee do we need to cover?
For overseas and outstation assignments, the client will be responsible for covering our accommodation, airfares, transportation, and expenses (food) during the duty day.

8) Do you have a studio?
Yes. We are based in Malaysia. Please find our address below the webpage. However we only use our studio for client meetings, gown fitting, make ups & studio photoshoots. Meetings are by appointment.

9) Do you provide canvas and fine art prints / frames?
Yes. A wide variety of canvas and prints as well as frames selection in our studio gallery.

10) How long will you be archiving our photos once the shoot is done?
In about 30-50 working days after your final payment, the photo editing will be completed and ready for collection. All digital photos & videos will be delivered via online-gallery. Clients are responsible for the safekeeping of your wedding photos/digitals once it was completely delivered to you.

11) What sort of editing is covered in my package?
i. Actual Day Package : All photos provided will be edited based on minor color enhancement edit.
ii. Pre Wedding Package : All photos provided will be edited based on minor color enchancement edit, beauty retouch edit, layout arrangement, album design.

12) What is your Studio’s working hours like?

i. Our business hours is
-Tuesday to Friday: 11.00am to 8.00pm
-Saturday & Sunday: 11.00am to 4.00pm (half day)
-Every Monday & Public Holiday Closed.
ii. All email, facebook, instagram and whatapps queries on the weekends will be reply the soonest by Tuesday ahead.
iii. Client meet up are by appointment only as we would like to ensure that sales representative are available to meet with you personally.

How you reach us or appointment?

Waze / GPS : Studio Seventyone
Office : +603 3318 5158
Mobile : +6011 1695 7171 (Whatapps are available)
Enquiry :
Studio Address : 78, Jalan Mahogani 1, Bandar Botanic Klang, 41200 Selangor, Malaysia.

Studio Business Hours :
Tuesday to Friday @ 11.00am – 8.00pm
Saturday & Sunday @ 11.00am – 4.00pm

Studio Off Day :
Every Mondays & Public Holiday.

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