Hello, we are Team71!

Congratulation and welcome to our website!

We’re a group of passionate young people working together our team with photographers, makeup artist, designer, editor and co-worker. We believe with our team work and heart-work we can create beautiful masterpieces for every customer. Our professional team has been leading in wedding / photography career since 2008 in Malaysia.

To date, our Director photographer David Low has lead with team71 journeyed throughout many countries all over the world for wedding masterpiece such as in New York, Paris, London, Italy, Czech Republic, Australia, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Macau.

Our team believe that with a snap of a picture, a smile and loving glance can be translated into many messages that only a photographer and the subjects can be appreciated as well working in this field is totally a rewarding job that we witnessed so much of lifetime moments that make hearts flutter. Our natural, creative, energetic, lifestyle, candid, classic and joyful photography style is highly favoured by the hip crowd.

We enjoy really much by traveling around with our wedding couple for photoshoots! We strongly believes that great work is achieved by having the right planning and the courage to try new things. It’s the little bursts of creativity that makes life more exciting. Let the tales of your love be told, let us tell your story.

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