Calvin + Woei Fang

Couple: Calvin & Woei Fang
Photographer: David

Morning Tea Ceremony

An interesting gate crushing started the most unforgettable day of Calvin & Woei Fang . Lots of games are prepared by the bridesmaids. After the gate crush, the groom finally gets through to the room and takes off the veil of the bride. The couple also exchanged their wedding rings. Then, a morning tea ceremony is held for the couple to thank their parents for their guardianship and love along the way. The couple then proceed to the bride’s house, welcomed by the other family members. A second round heartwarming morning tea ceremony is held to end the morning session of their actual wedding day.
Near the end of the morning , the couple also enjoy a photo session with the bridesmaid and the groomsmen with full of joy.

Couple: Calvin & Woei Fang
Photographer: David

May the years ahead be filled with love and joy.
Best wishes on this wonderful journey, Calvin and Woei Fang, as you build your new lives together.

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