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Professional Make Up Artist (MUA) by Team71

At Studio 71, we have professional Make Up Artists and Hair Stylist to provide full make up, hair and beauty services. Consult with us now to feel your best and confident for important events in your life.

Our Make Up Team always maintain open communication with clients throughout the makeup process to ensure their satisfaction. Also, we practice good hygiene by keeping our tools clean and sanitized at all times.

Our professional services include:

– Pre Wedding Make Up (Local & Oversea)
– Actual Wedding Day Bridal Makeup & Hairdo
– ROM / Engagement Styling
– Corporate Photoshoot Styling (Model & TVC)
– Personal Styling (Special Occasion)
–  Photoshoot Make Up & Hairdo
– Prom / Birthday Styling
– Dinner Makeup & Hairdo

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1. Bridal Styling (Wedding)

Your wedding pictures will live with you forever and be the lasting memory of the most important day of your life.

A bridal makeup artist knows this, as well as knowing that some elements of your makeup will be 30% lighter in photographs than in real life. See here for all of the Wedding shoots we’ve done here at Studio 71. Our makeup artist has experience working with many different faces in many years long career.

We have expansive knowledge on the brands and types of cosmetic products and how they look on different skin types :
★ young or mature skin
★ pigmentation
★ hooded eye
★ acne skin, oily, combination skin type
★ long hair, short hair, or even fine hair

A perfect and experienced Make Up Artist will make you look your best in your most important moments. What makes our MUA stand out is that we work in a team with our photographers on a daily basis, therefore we know how to create the best look & the angles for a perfect wedding day or photoshoot.

2. Fashion Make Up Styling

We have a team of professional makeup artists and hairstylists that will help you to achieve your desired look with our skills. This make up works below are majorly our team did for :

* Models 
– Fashion Make Up
– TVC / Interview Make Up
Commercial Stage Make Up

3. Prom / Dinner / Gala night

4. Photoshoot MakeUp + Hair Styling

Make Up Artist will tries the best to make you sparkle like a star!
Having trouble deciding what to do with your wedding hair and makeup? You’ve found the right people, and we’ll provide you the confidence and beauty you need on your special day!

Begin with a thorough consultation to understand your preferences, lifestyle, skin type, and any specific requests that you might have. Explore client’s style inspirations, favorite colors, dress code and makeup looks that you admire. This will guide you in understanding your taste and helps you in creating the best look whether for

* photoshoot
* event makeups

5. Mother’s Make Up Styling

Tailor makeup to complement the client’s facial structure, skin tone, and personality whether on bridegroom’s mother, sisters. Mother’s makeup styling usually makeup artist will applied more enhancement for mom’s overall look including hair and attires.

* bride’s mother make up + hair do
* elderly make up + hair do
* event make up + hair do

6. Basic Make Up + Basic Hair Do

Regardless of whether you have youthful or mature skin, pigmentation, hooded eyes, acne skin, long hair, short hair, or even fine hair; we trust and know what brands of cosmetics and what kinds of products will last on specific skin types. Basic styling will be more suitable on daily basis or a simple high-tea afternoon.

7. Men’s Make Up

Men’s makeup has been gaining popularity and significance in recent years. It can boost confidence by concealing imperfections or enhancing facial features, empowering individuals to present themselves as they desire. Makeup can be a part of a grooming routine, helping men maintain a well-groomed appearance.

A little touch of these on mens grooming :
* eyebrow trimming
* facial powder / foundation
* concealed at your blemish area
* basic hair do

7. Kids Make Up Styling

Yes, we provide makeup service for kids too!
Just like their parents, we make sure your little loved ones look their best in important events.

For Booking or Enquiries?

Team 71 beauty professionals use our expertise and skills
to fully utilise high-end products for all of our styling. Over the course of our long careers, Team 71’s bridal makeup artists have applied makeup to hundreds of faces.

If you’ve read until here, we hope our portfolios above have inspired you! Don’t worry if you still don’t have a clear idea yet, we’re here to help. Our team will provide you to understand the importance of makeup in boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Contact us here to discuss how we can help make your big day special. To ensure all of our client feel comfortable and empowered with the final look.