Event (Gala Dinner)

Event photography to focuses on capturing moments and scenes at various events. These events can be social, cultural, corporate, or sports-related, and the goal of the event photographer is to document the occasion and the emotions of the participants and attendees. Our photographer needs to be attentive and agile, capturing all the important moments, activities, and key individuals throughout the event.

Why hire photographer for events?
Event photography is the skill of taking impressive pictures at a range of significant events. We have a history in photography, use high-end digital cameras and editing tools, and have a keen eye for detail. Your event, business, and brand will stand out from competitors and appear more professional with high-quality photographs.

After the event, photographers may perform post-processing on the images to enhance colors, contrast, and overall quality. If you’re interested in pursuing to engage a team for your event, it’s essential to give us a call for quotation. (below with our porfolios)

Team71 covers event such as:
– gala dinner/night
– large public gatherings
– corporate events
– award ceremonies
– retail opening ceremonies
– birthday parties

Job-done for our client:
Client: First Global Property
Industry: Real Estate Agency
Event Type: Gala Dinner & Award Night
Event Theme: Futuristic
Photographer: Team Studio71

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