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Product photography plays a crucial role in representing your brand accurately. Consistent and well-executed product images help establish your brand’s identity, convey its values, and create a sense of trust and reliability among customers.

When it comes to buying online, quality photography is your biggest asset. Settle for nothing less than a market-leading portfolio of images. Get yourself content-ready at our commercial e-commerce photography studio, create insightful, powerful and compelling images that inspire your audience and showcase your product brand online.

Good product photography showcases your products in the best possible way. It allows customers to see the details, features, and unique selling points of the product, giving them a clear idea of what they can expect. This helps in making informed purchasing decisions.

We provide these – product photography shoot style :
1. Creative High-end Style
2. White Background
3. Studio Product Photography

4. On-site (your business place) Food or Product Photography

please choose one of this preferred idea / option :
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At Studio71, we’re here to help — our experienced, skilled and passionate team provide photography of breathtaking quality.

1. Creative High-end Style

Whether you’re selling online or retail, your own e-commerce platform, professional, studio-quality product photography is key to increasing sales. We work with only the best in the business. With concept stylist / food-stylist (extra fees) experts in the field, highly skilled at bringing that special magic ingredient to your products

portfolio • with our client :

2. Facial Product (Concept)

Ladies product often request a beautiful settings. The importance of professional e-commerce product photography could be clearer. Reach bigger and better audiences

Sample of our Portfolios with our Clients

3. Web-white Background

This series of shoot style (white background) for any online store such as Amazon, Taobao, Lazada, Shopee, Facebook, Instagram or your Website usage. The importance of professional e-commerce product photography could be clearer. Reach bigger and better audiences

Sample of our Portfolios with our Clients

portfolios • with our client :

With the rise of e-commerce, product photography has become even more critical. Customers rely heavily on images to evaluate and compare products when shopping online. The quality of your product photography can significantly impact their perception of your brand and influence their purchase decisions.

portfolio • with our client :

4. Themed Setting Background

We make studio photography more affordable and accessible than ever – offering a remote service to bring you premium-quality product photos with minimal fuss. Affordable rate.

portfolio • with our client :

5. On-site Product Photoshoot

Photograph in your boutique or your business space? Why not!

Every product is lit and shot on an amazing high resolution camera using the best industry standard equipment. We bring our equipment to your place.

portfolio • with our client :



A picture has the power to convert your browsers into buyers. The bigger a picture is on your store, the better your product page will convert, showcasing the strong impact an image can have in e-commerce. Product photography can help boost your conversions, improve your image quality and showcase your product in a different perspective.

How to capture the best images possible for eCommerce, print, and web. Call us!

When it comes to product photography, there are a lot of tips which new entrepreneurs can take and use to improve their store. Every product style on your website should have it’s own image. Have you ever visited an online store and realized the product you’re interested in looking at doesn’t have an image? This can be a frustrating experience for your customers.

If your product is available in several different colors, showcase the full spectrum of product colors by including their own picture. You’ll be able to boost conversions for those specific colors as most customers won’t buy without seeing what a product looks like. I’ve put some sample for you at bottom.

In today’s competitive market, having professional product photography sets you apart from the competition. It demonstrates that you take your business seriously and are committed to providing quality products. Well-presented images can attract customers who might otherwise choose a competitor. Yeah! Time to boost your sales online!

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