Korea Pre Wedding

Korea Spring Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Seoul.

K-pop is the trend now and highly favored by the hip crowd. Korea has it own stylish street, Hanok, beautiful parks, majesctic buildings, stunning structure university, Namsan-Tower for wedding photography. While, the K-bridal makeup styling and accessories is elegant and stylish which is always our makeup artist signature style.

Having to say that Korea Pre Wedding in Seoul is always my favourite city, with lot of good spots, and I love incorporating stunning landscapes and cities into your pre wedding shoot. My photography artwork style is fresh and relaxed and I really focus on telling your love story by keeping things very natural and fun during the shoot. I loves natural light pre wedding photography and beautiful moments over awkward posing and fake expressions.

Our couple specially flew to Korea to have these sweet pre-wedding photos for a lifetime memories.

* scroll down for Hanbok (korean wedding costume) experience*

Photographer : David Low
Makeup Artist : Wendy (Team71)
Couple : Hau Chien + Wei Sin
Gown & Coat Rental : Studio71

Pre Wedding in Seoul

With designer structures and beautiful waterways, it is no wonder than so many couples want to have their photoshoot here!

Our couple visited during the beginning of Summer end of Spring and you can see some colours on peaking from the lush foliage. You definitely have to take a photo at the well known endless reeds fields that stretches beyond sight!

Photographer : David Low
Makeup Artist : Wendy (Team71)
Couple : Joe + Vincy
Gown & Coat Rental : Studio71

Korea Summer Romance

Before the trip, we’ll personally shares with you a lot more tips on the location planning, good spots over the city, even good street food and shopping paradise, I’ll be always more than happy to share it to my clients. My studio are launching a package with super valued price, scroll down to check further. Do drop me a line if you are ready to fly with my team! Email me if you prefer a premium package that involve with more items.

Photographer : David Low
Couple : Cj + Fion
Makeup Artist : Prue (Team71)
Gown : Studio71


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