Yan Shen + Mia

In this blooming paradise, their love shall prevail. Where every flower tells our love’s sweet tale! Pink roses whisper tales of love untold
Their loves bloom tonight!

With the guidance of our chief photographer together with the lovebirds, the grand hall was alive with soft glow of candle lights , flowers and much more romantic backdrops. Their lovely families and friends, guest wore their finest attire to testimony this lovely newlyweds unforgettable night together in the grand hall.

Sakura Pink Petal Wedding.
Grand March-in Stage
Couple : Yan Shen & Mia
Photographer: David & Team

As the evening progressed, the emcee first greet every guest for coming. The newlyweds’s parents first march in to greet their lovely guest who spend their time in this grand hall today to wish their lovely son and daughter. Once the touching music rises, the newlyweds of the day march in together with lots of cheerful applause from their lovely guest and friends.

They exchanged their vows, to make a mutual promise together ever lifetime. Then, come to the moment everyone had been waiting for – the Yam Seng Toast, a super fun, energetic activity and it is believed that the longer you stretch the “Yam”, the more the wish will come true. This is one toast that will definitely bring plenty of laughter and would a great mood lifter. After numerous events proceeded , a night that must be remembered and captured of Yan Shen & Mia comes to an end with lots of photos with the guest.

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Dinner Reception

So let the flowers bloom, in radiant grace, As they dance together, in this flowery embrace. In this garden of love, where dreams come alive, Yan Shen & Mia celebrate forever, side by side! Once again, Thank you Yan Shen & Mia for having us to Johor to witnessed the lovestories tonight!

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