CY + Lauren @ Glasshouse

We’re so happy to see CY & Lauren again, after their family photoshoot last time in our studio. This time, we were here to capture the couple’s garden wedding and wedding reception.

Couple: CY & Lauren
Photographer: Team Studio71
Venue: Glasshouse & Setia City Convention Centre

Why us?
Consistent Quality with Team71!!

One of the main advantages of booking our photographer for all your events is the consistency in the quality of the photographs. When you find a photographer whose style and skills you admire, you can trust that they will deliver the same level of excellence for every event. This ensures that your photos will have a cohesive look and feel, making them perfect for albums or displays.

Working with our photographer over time allows them to get to know you and understand your unique dynamic. This familiarity can lead to more natural and candid photos, as you, your family members and friends will feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

The photographer will also be able to capture special moments that might be overlooked by someone who is not as familiar with your friends and family.

Booking our photographer allows you to build a relationship with them, especially after multiple events. This can lead to better communication, allowing you to express your preferences and ideas more easily. The photographer will also be able to provide suggestions and insights based on their knowledge and their previous work with you.

Glasshouse Klang

Tea Ceremony

Dinner Reception

Couple: CY & Lauren
Photographer: David
Venue: Glasshouse Klang, Setia City Convention Centre

It’s our pleasure to be able to capture your special days. CY & Lauren, we’re so happy for you both!

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