CY & Lauren, SCCC

Each blossom a symbol of our love’s sweet embrace, in this enchanting garden. We’re so happy to see CY & Lauren again, after their family photoshoot last time in our studio & their Garden Wedding in January. This time, we were here to capture the couple’s wedding Tea Ceremony and Dinner Reception!

In the morning of their wedding
the Chinese tea ceremony serves as a deeply meaningful ritual that not only honors tradition but also reinforces the values of respect, gratitude, family unity, and the beginning of a new chapter in the couple’s lives. The tea ceremony is a meaningful moment for the couple to formally introduce themselves to each other’s families and to honor their elders. Elders and guests often offer blessings, advice, and good wishes to the couple during the tea ceremony.

To the wonderful evening of their wedding reception

A celebration with flowery blossom themed wedding reception, couple CY & Lauren started at the grand hall which located at Setia City Convention Centre (Setia Alam) which connected more than a thousand guest including of their lovely friends , families, and guest which came all the way to witnessed this newlyweds unforgettable night.

From the photos highlight below, (don’t missed our the dinner receptions photos is at the bottom) we can see the amazing starstrike spot lights, blooming surrounded with flower bouquet , and lots of sophisticated backdrops that the newlyweds put effort on to fullfill this perfect wedding.

When the event started , their parent’s first march in to the grand hall with their gorgeous gown and smart look suits. Then, the vital character of the night, CY & Lauren grand-march in together with their breathtaking wedding attires beneath the moonlit sky, stepping in the grand ballroom hall and also their new chapter of their life.

Thank you for having us!
Couple: CY & Lauren
Photographer: David & Kenny
Venue: Setia City Convention Centre

Wedding Morning Tea Ceremony

Dinner Reception

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