Ciao Garden Wedding

Couple: Benji + Li Ching
Photographer: David
Wedding Location:  Ciao Ristorante

A garden party wedding held in Ciao Ristorante filled with soft hues, delicate lighting, and plenty of blooms make up a romantic wedding. For this theme, this style is all about fresh florals, lush greenery, and elegant tablescapes— overlooking ornate and fragrant flower beds. Its a perfect theme for Benji & Li Ching , who dream to have a wedding that is extraordinary and unforgettable.

Morning Tea Ceremony

The bridesmaid gathered in front of the gate early in the morning to welcome the groomsmen to have the gate crushing games. As Li Ching’s parents cover her with a red veil, the big day begins. The tea ceremony is also held at both bride and groom ‘s house as a respect to their dearest parents and family.


Benji & Li Ching walks in, accompanied by a pair of cute flower girl and page boy and also with their parents . The flower girl and page boy at first scatter the petals to welcome the lovely couple –Benji & Li Ching. Together, they hold their hands tight with loud cheers by friends and family. Live band and romantic music filled the space. Benji & Li Chin also had a thank you speech to all of the guest, family and friends who came to witness this significant and unforgettable moments in their lifetime.

Thank you Benji & Li Ching for bringing us along on your incredible journey. May the true love you share today grow stronger as you grow old together.

Couple: Benji & Li Ching
Photographer: David
Wedding Location: Ciao Ristorante

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