Wedding Day + Dinner

May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years.
Celebrating Sharmin and Darren’s Wedding in a beautiful vibe, with so much love and memories. A lovely pair hired us all the way from KL to Johor for their big day. It is so heart warming to celebrate these special moment together under our camera to freeze down all special moment with the couple and their families.

Thank you Muar couples!

Muar Wedding Day + Dinner Reception Photography

Couple : Darren + Sharmin Ng
Director : David Low
Photographer & Assistant : Team71
Makeup Artist: Chichi
Instagram : Studio_71
Venue : 水立方貴賓廳 Bakri Junction Ballroom Muar, Johor

Let’s enjoy every single and precious moment we taken on Darren & Sharmin’s big day!

Darren & Sharmin’s
Wedding Dinner Reception & Grand March In

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