Makeup Styling



Make-up is not a mask that covers up your beauty; it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.

Types of event
↦ Bridal Actual Day Makeup Styling + Hairdo
↦ Pre-wedding Makeup  (Malaysia or Overseas)
↦ ROM Registration Of Marriage
↦ Personal, Dinner, Event
↦ Female Model Makeup Styling
↦ Commercial / Corporate /  TVC Makeup

The makeup is simply an extension of the personality.
Studio71 professional makeup artists well-trained for individual and bridal styling to style you up no matter you have any doubt like skin pigmentation, large pores, acne skin, uneven eyelid, mature skin, hooded eyes, and eyebags.

Wedding / Bridal Makeup
Your bridal makeup session includes

✓  Ampoule and serum
✓  Eyebrow shaping
✓ Branded foundation and cosmetics
✓  Quality false eyelashes
✓  Hairstyling, soft curl, bun up
✓  Bridal veil, lace veil, long veil
✓  Bridal necklace and earrings accessories
✓  Bridal gold, silver, diamond, pearl, flower hair piece



Model makeup is very important for a show, it’s a form of art and more importantly it’s a form of expression.
Each one of you has very own style and preferences but the basics of nailing your makeup – in whatever kind you like and be it simple or intricate are the same.
Having worked as a makeup artist for the last 8 seasons at studio/runway shows in local, Paris, Milan, Japan and Korea. Sharing some uncommonly discussed, standard operating procedures backstage to shed some light on what a pro does to make a model look beautiful.

✓  Massage the face with serum
✓ Scrape lips to slough off dead skin cells
✓ Eyebrow shaping
✓ Layer on foundations and concealers
✓ Quality false eyelashes
✓ Hairstyling


Personalized beauty is about each woman being able for us to create her own makeup that complement her own feature and style.

The makeup is simply an extension of the personality.

Studio71 professional makeup artist was well-trained for personal styling to style you up no matter
you have any doubt like acne skin, skin pigmentation, uneven eyelid, mature skin, dark circle, hooded eyes, eyebags, or fine hair.



Professional Makeover Stylist #Team71

There exists an art of applying makeup, and the smallest of things can make a huge difference to how your end results turn out.
Studio71 investing on high-quality makeup products for customer, as we believed you always deserve to have that gorgeous and confident look on your special day!

We covered a whole bunch of steps to help you achieve makeup that is on-point with stunning looks!

 #Team71 Makeup Artists are always confident in our skill set and advise from our experiences to help you plan ahead and stay organized.

We use our creativity and many years experiences to bring out the best features and natural beauty of yourself.

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