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   Commercial photography is anything that has the ability to sell something. It varies from brand to brand and client to client. A photograph that is used to help sell, advertise or market a product, service, person or persons. All those photographs that you see in magazines, online publications, billboards, CD covers or posters all fall under commercial photography.

Our Studio Commercial Photography divided to 3 groups :

* Event / Corporate
* Model
* Product

More pictures and our previous porfolios as below


 Commercial Photography with Models

Model : Mia Chai + Yuth Gan
Boutique : Closet Mino



Part 2 – Product on Model

 Model : Isabella Kuan
Sponsor :  Jaben Headset

Photographer : Team71
Makeup Artist : Prue Eian


Corporate Personal Profile Photography 

Emirate / AirAsia / Mas / Qatar Airline

Cabin Crew Interview Formal Photographs  (Full & Halfbody)
* Provided printed photo
* Provided passport size photo
* Top up for our makeup service

Corporate Personal Profile Photography 

* Director Pose
* Formal Pose


Company Commercial Group Photography

* Formal set Group Pose with uniform
* Lifestyle set Group Pose


Email or Call us now to check for more informations! Our studio commercial photographers help people promote their business and help sell their products. They help market businesses. Commercial photographers take photographs that will help people reach whatever goal that it is that businesses and companies envision. Find us on our Contact button as above the website to enquired on price quotation.

Hear you soon, Team71

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